Aftermath (Prologue)


Return to Life



The End (Epilogue)

Soundtrack of a Lovestory


The music presented to you on this page is my story of a passionate and sometimes violent fight back to life again.

Danger, loneliness, emotional deception, longing, insanity, love and anxiety are the themes and the emotions present in my music.

The tracks are soundtracks, epics and ambiences created by original recording and programming.
My personal story:

When I was about 14 years old my dysfunctional family had fallen apart.

I searched for exile and I found it. It was a warm little community with a lot of friends. We had a great time and best of all I was special to a caring and loving father figure who stood behind all this.

Unfortunately he also wanted me to be a part of his sex life. And he wanted me to fulfill his dreams of a romantic relationship with him.

For years I went through emotional and sexual abuse.

Today I have survived and overcome the traumas which have lingered on for more than 30 years.

Music was one thing that helped me survive this personal aftermath. It was my friend and sometimes the only way of holding on to myself.


My family started to fall apart when both my grandparents had died in 1975.

By 1980 my frustrated mother was the only person left to care for me and my two younger brothers.

A pedophile man took me into his exile in 1981.

In 1987 I finally single-handedly dragged myself away from the pedophile and his insane approach to life.

In 1990 I moved to Amsterdam. This time my exile would hopefully be more successful.

In 2004 I came back to Denmark as a sad and anxious alcoholic.

In 2007 I stopped drinking.

In 2010 I found Annette.

From 2012 I have been through more than 100 hours of Jungian psychoanalysis and therapy.

In 2016 I am, for the first time since I was 10 years old, relatively calm inside.

Since 1998 I have composed and produced music on a professional level.

My music is my testimony of the disasters I went through and my fight back to life again...